Saturday, 11 June 2011

Superdrug Tea Tree Oil

alas!!! i found a tea tree oil perfect for my super tight back pocket!

there's no The Body Shop near my place, so i have to go and find a tea tree oil available for me to try.

as i browse thru the aisle of watson's at SM department store, i found a green box... clearly saying TEA TREE OIL.

and then the heavens lighten up and the sound of hallelujah filled my ears!!! lol


i purchased the item immediately 
i just got lucky i got the oil.
chances are, of i got the pure tea tree oil, i'm screwed... you must not apply pure tea tree, some articles say that it's harmful.
so, again, go and get the blended oil. :D

its about 6 weeks of using until i finally got the bottle empty. hehe
and then i purchased again....
and my mom got one for herself too
and another one, just in case... hehe i'm so  afraid to lose one of these hehe


its 10ml and i'm very happy with the result... i'll not buy another if i'm not satisfied.. lol

and the best news...its Php134.00 only!!!! yes!!! way way cheaper than other tea tree oil available out there...

i'm a very happy user of Superdrug TeaTree Blended oil!!!! woooohooo


  1. Thanks for the review ^_^ I'm planing to buy because I'm having acne in my face again :(

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  3. How to use this? And how many times per day?thankyou.😊