Tuesday, 17 May 2011

oohhhhlalala.....lotion lotion

yeah i know it's summer....

but i really love these lotions...hehe hmmmmmmmm they smell so good and it makes me  feel good  too hehe

first is the bath&body works sweet pea antibacterial moisturizing hand lotion.

yeah... i was quite hesitant because of the "SWEET PEA" i didn't know sweet pea could be an ingredient for lotion.
one more, "antibacterial" reminds me of isopropyl alcohol....and might be drying to skin.
but then again, it's moisturizing... weeee

here it is...tadaaaaa

it's really watery and could be absorbed easily by the skin....
and it smelled soooooooooooooooooooooooo good! no kidding. its just so good that i cant help sniffing it right after application. :D

btw, look at my cute pink piggy bank hehe :)

another favorite... from bath&body works signature collection, cucumber melon  triple moisture body cream.

 oooohhhh... sounds good right?

 "cucumber melon
fortified with our exclusive triple moisture complex of conditioning milk proteins,  hydrating rice bran oil and protective acai berry extract,  our Signature Triple  Moisture Body Cream  provides deep, 24 hour moisture that softens even the driest skin. Our non-greasy formula deeply conditions, leaving skin moisturized, fragrant, and more beautiful than ever before."

what i love about this lotion is that is says not single...not double...but TRIPLE! yeah triple moisture...it seems like using this makes even your ankle so silky..hehe  so promising!

you can smell it from its closed tube

another is the cucumber melon combination...luv it so much!
cucumber for summer. we all  know that cucumbers has so much waster in it, making  it perfect for dry skin and a favorite effective moisturizer.
the melon reminds me of summer too. :) melon is just  my favorite sweet fruit refreshing scent .

it looked quite thick here  but its really creamy and  light...
and it smells soooooooooo good too.. and what i like the most is that it's not sticky even under hot weather. and the scent lasts whole day long...

for me, i don't wait for the end of the day to slather it to my hands...it just makes me happy :)

p.s. both lotions are in paper tube packaging....reminds us to take care of our environment... :D



  1. I totally agree! I also use lotion even if it's already scorching hot outside! Lol~

    Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog~ Hope you'll come and check it out! ☺
    www.hercymonroe.blogspot.com Thanks!

  2. Ah! I love lotion! I have a huge bath and body works collection! Haha.

  3. bath and body works sure smell good right? i love it too!